About me

Hello everyone! My name is Rayan Bouyaiche but people mainly know me for under my nickname "rayanlecat". I am currently student at École 2600 which is a school specializing in cybersecurity in France. In parallel, I'm in intership at Hackcyom where I do pentest. I am passionate about Windows and Active Directory.

I also really like doing CTFs, I do them mainly with the team from my school Phreaks 2600. But I also do some on my side on Root-me, Hack The Box and Vulnlab.

In terms of certifications, I am currently OSCP, OSEP, ARTE, CARTP, CESP, CRTE and CRTO certified. I've also completed Hack The Box ProLabs: Cybernetics, Zephyr, Dante and Genesis.

If you would like to discuss cybersecurity or any of the articles / writeups that I have written, feel free to contact me via Linkedin or Twitter.